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With increasing options in the online market, it has become quite confusing for customers to choose the ideal product and services that serve their needs. 

However, the online word of mouth of experienced customers has become a lifesaver and serves the same solutions as the personal recommendation for potential customers. Think like this whenever you are in doubt you do your online research by reading the customer reviews for more clarity about products and businesses. Thus, today reviews have become crucial for both customers and businesses. 

The reviews for the businesses have become an important tool to stand out from the competition and show its credibility to potential customers. But before that businesses need to join the online market game by creating a dynamic website. Today businesses utilize WordPress to create a fully functional website. However, the base of every website designing platform has HTML.

Now to stay ahead of the competition and strengthen the marketing game businesses start to add Google reviews in HTML website. The credibility of a business is the prime aspect of building trust among online customers which is successfully done by showing positive reviews to potential customers. 

This article will explain the 3 methods that businesses can utilize to boost their HTML and WordPress websites with reviews. Thus, read this article till the end to gather detailed information about it and help your business to grow.  

Empower Your Website With Credible Reviews

Businesses today have various options of website development platforms to create an attractive website for their brand. However, the most preferred platforms chosen by the businesses these days are HTML and WordPress. 

HTML and WordPress are the most popular choice for the business to create their website for several reasons. Which include flexibility, cost-effectiveness, seamless use, SEO factors, and flexibility. Whether opting for custom HTML development or leveraging the versatility of WordPress, businesses can create professional and engaging websites that effectively represent their brand and drive success online. 

For HTML Website

Beginning with discussing how businesses can enhance their HTML website by adding reviews to it in three ways from three different popular online review platforms. There is no need to worry, it will be a very easy process. But before that know a little about HTML. 

HTML is the abbreviation for Hyper Text Markup Language which is a markup language. It is software that is used to create a dynamic website for the brands without the tension of knowing coding. Thus, users can create their fully functional website without writing a single line of code. In the world of web creation, HTML is one of the most popular names for users. 

Google reviews

Businesses today are embedding Google reviews widget on HTML to strengthen their online marketing game. To add the Google reviews on the HTML website first you need to sign in to your Google business account then you can access the code. Now that you get the code in the next step you have to click on the share button at the bottom right of the review that you desire to embed. After that, to embed the Google reviews on your HTML website you have to click on the “embed code” to copy the code and then paste it into the HTML. Now you are all done. 

Yelp reviews

Next comes Yelp reviews it has the same procedure as embedding Google reviews. To select the Yelp reviews for the embedding process users first need to find them on the Yelp review site. 

Check the reviews on Yelp then select the review you want to use. After that, the option of a review box appears on your screen. In the next step, you have to copy the code by clicking on the “embed review” option and then paste it into HTML. You have successfully embedded the Yelp reviews on the HTML website.

Facebook reviews

The third is the Facebook reviews that you can embed into your HTML website. For the integration process, you need to get the embed code of Facebook reviews. Thus, users need to click on the date and time of the particular reviews to get the embed code. This method will make the process of getting embed code simpler by bringing the full page of your Facebook reviews. 

On the right-hand corner, you will find an arrow that will bring a drop-down menu. From the menu select the “more option”, next click on the “embed post” where you will get the embed code and now copy it. Now that you have copied the code choose any place in your HTML website and paste the code to show the Facebook reviews. 

For WordPress Website

Now it’s time to explain how businesses can add reviews to their WordPress website from three well-known online review platforms in three different ways. So if you have a WordPress website then you have to work with plugins to add your reviews to it. Let’s start with a basic introduction to the WordPress website development platform.

WordPress is one of the best and most popular solutions for small businesses to establish companies to create great websites and expand their online presence. WordPress is the preferred choice of web designing solutions because of its versatility and customization. 

Google reviews

First is the Google reviews. To add Google reviews on the WordPress website users have two options they can either do it manually or take the support of plugins which is a more seamless option.

If you are choosing a plugin then it has both paid and unpaid options for adding Google reviews on the WordPress website. With the paid version though you can able to skip one or two steps but the unpaid version will work just fine. You will find multiple codeless plugins for adding Google reviews on the WordPress website, do your research and choose the best. 

If you choose to do it manually then also you don’t need to worry about coding. Below are simple steps you need to follow.

  • Login to Google business account.
  • In the bottom right corner of the reviews, there is a “share” option. Click there. 
  • To get the embedding code click on the “ embed post” option.
  • Lastly, copy the code and paste it into the WordPress content. 

Yelp reviews

To know about the local business and small businesses Yelp is the best reviews platform. Thus, Yelp reviews are the life savior for small and local businesses. 

To add Yelp reviews on WordPress businesses have the option to buy the pain plan of the plugin. The plugin helps businesses seamlessly add Yelp reviews on WordPress website. Plugins create shortcodes that are fully customizable and can be pasted anywhere in WordPress to embed Yelp reviews. 

Facebook reviews

Integrating Google reviews into WordPress business has two options one is a plugin and another is Facebook review pro. The best idea is to use the Facebook review pro though it is not a free solution. On the other hand for plugins, you have to pay the same and will get a better customization option.

With the plugin, you have to install the plugin from WordPress and then have to get the shortcode. The plugin allows users to choose background color, text size, text style, and other things. The customization options let users show the review on the WordPress website in a visually appealing manner. Then all you have to do is copy the embedded code and paste it in the desired place.  

Wrapping Up

No doubt, reviews are very crucial for businesses to impress potential customers and convert them.

This article has explained the 3 methods that businesses can utilize to enhance their HTML and WordPress websites with reviews. Thus, businesses can use these 3 methods to boost their websites with reviews and stand out from the competition.

Thus, when you embed reviews on HTML and WordPress websites your visitors read them which is a great deciding factor in choosing your business among others.