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If you want to give a new look to your dining table or just to make it a central point attraction or set the table for any special occasion, table runners are one of the most important accessories to begin with.

Runners are the trendy vintage home decoration that provides a little bit of uniqueness to complete the environment by enhancing the look of the dining table. It is the best table decoration accessories that are available in different sizes, colours and fabrics that suit the personal style of everyone. There are various sizes of runners that make it suitable to fit easily on a long rectangular dining table.

Why do we need Runners for the dining table?

A runner adds colour, texture, and interest to your dining table and it increases the aesthetic value of your dining table. Runners protect your dining table from spills and damage that can be caused by hot pans and dripping candle wax.

Runners are practical for everyday use and appropriate for special occasions when you need to give your dining table an aesthetic look. Table runners enhance the look of your dining table depending on the colour and texture you choose. If you want to create a unique look during a holiday, you can consider a holiday-themed runner. If you want to change your mood, a new runner for the table may be one thing to mix up.

6 Ways to decorate your dining table with Runners

Creating a Fun, fresh table decoration is more about expressing your creativity and design sense in a way that fits your dining table. Keeping that in mind, here’s we’ve provided the 6 ways to decorate your dining table with runners. Take a look.

1- Lengthwise

Runners are traditionally laid lengthwise and centred across the table and some portions are hanging down over the edges. While for the runners, at first, you should know the length of your dining table. So that you can find the perfect runner that is long enough to leave around 6-12 inches of cloth hanging over the edges. You’ve plenty of options to choose from, colour and pattern that suits and matches your dining table.

You can place the runner traditionally at the centre of your table that is covered with the table cloth. In this way, runners give your dining table a seasonal look.


2- Shorter Length

Long runners are used for a formal table setting. But a short table runner can be used for a casual setting. A shorter runner will have the same impact as a long runner. While buying a shorter runner, choose the runner that is shorter than the dining table. If you want to use a candle as the centrepiece of the dining table then place a shorter runner in the centre. It is the best way to catch the wax and keep it away from the dining table.

3- Widewise Placement

The best way to arrange shorter runners is to lay them widthwise across the table. Place each shorter runner against the set for each diner. If you’re a long dining table, place shorter runners widthwise and act as a divider for each diner. While using this table setting you can skip laying tablemats.

4- Use Runner With Tablecloth

It is another interesting way to decorate the dining table. It is important to choose the runner whose colour and pattern contrast the tablecloths. You need to make sure that the length of the runner and tablecloth should be aligned so that their overhangs look equal.

5- Try Some Unique Ideas

You can also explore something new and different as per your requirement. Here’s the new option you must try.

  • If your dining table is lined up against the wall, design your dining table decoration asymmetrically and the runner is lined up with the wall.
  • If you have a circular table, place the matching runner in the X shape. This type of placement of runners works great for circular tables and makes your table the centre of the attraction.

6- Choosing the perfect runner

Runners are available in different sizes with widths of 10 to 15 inches and lengths of 36 to 108 inches. You can allow 6 inches to dangle over either end of your runner which should be about one-third the width of your table.

What Kind Of Runner Is Best For A Dining Table?

Different kinds of fabrics and textures are associated with a specific mood. For formal occasions like weddings and special events, people consider runners made of silk, satin, organza, or polyester for their shiny, smooth surface. For casual use, people consider natural fabrics like cotton, twill, and bamboo. A burlap runner is a popular choice because it evokes a rustic, charming feel.

Final Words

Hopefully, you’ve read this post with all your heart and found it interesting and helpful. These are amazing tips to decorate your dining table with a runner and give your dining table an aesthetic look.

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