Improve Your Tattoo Salon Business Growth

Potential customers wanting to get tattoos are widespread these days. Before getting a tattoo, they tend to research online seriously. That is to determine their preferences about the tattoo and to find the right tattoo artist. Furthermore, they would also consult with their peers for reference.

Maybe, you are a confident and talented tattoo artist. Your tattoo salon may have excellent growth potential. You have to invest significant effort and time into developing a marketing strategy. As a result, you can promote the tattoo salon to the potential audience, expand the business at the salon and achieve growth potential.

This article discusses a few strategies that will be beneficial for developing a marketing strategy. As a result, you can promote the salon to the potential audience and grow the tattoo salon business.

1. Make your tattoo salon a brand

How you promote the tattoo salon to potential customers depends on the salon’s brand identity. Establishing the tattoo salon as a brand is a primary step that you should have taken. That lays the foundation for developing a marketing strategy.

You can consider creating a brand around your talent as a tattoo artist and the exclusivity of your tattoos. That could be easier said than done. Tattoo artists often associate themselves with a particular school of style—realism, traditional, watercolor, etc. The clients may seek your service depending on your school style.

In the tattoo salon, if there are artists from different schools of style, it is better to find a middle ground. It would be best if you also considered creating a neutral name for the salon and creating a brand identity around it.

Once you build a brand around your personality or that of the salon, customers will be interested in what you offer. The brand often attracts customers who want to be associated with it.

2. Use an appointment scheduling software

You may wonder how appointment scheduling would help promote the tattoo salon. A tattoo studio software like Picktime makes your business much more accessible to your customers. More accessibility means more customers. That would spread the word among their peers, or a happy customer may leave a positive review online.

Potential customers these days search online extensively whenever they require services or products. Positive reviews from happy customers inspire confidence in potential customers. That is who scheduling software assists in promoting the tattoo salon.

Furthermore, the software also offers other features, for instance, a dedicated booking page, payment gateway integration and sending automated reminders. The devoted booking eases the booking process 24/7. Payment gateway integration permits receiving partial or complete payments from customers.

Using this software, you can set up automated reminders by sending an email or SMS. As a result, you can avoid customers not showing up for the appointment scheduled. If the customer wants to reschedule the appointment, they want to. You can schedule another customer in the canceled schedule.

Furthermore, the scheduling software improves transparency in the scheduling system as the customers have access to the schedule after the software digitalizes the schedule. That would also inspire confidence in existing and potential customers.

3. Website

Maintaining a website is essential for any reputable business. As potential customers spend more and more time online, they tend to search on Google. That is, even if someone recommends your tattoo salon to them. That is why you have to design a website for the tattoo salon.

When potential customers search for the name of your salon on Google, it should be easier for the customer to find the brand on Google. That is where the website comes into the assistance. You can use standard SEO practices to improve your ranking on search engines.

Furthermore, you can also showcase your best tattoo designs on the website. You can also share customer testimonials. That would, in turn, inspire confidence in potential customers.

4. Social media

Social media platforms are great venues to promote your tattoo salon. Promoting the tattoo salon on social media also improves your online presence. You can begin by identifying the appropriate platform to promote the business.

Once you identify the platform, you can develop a content strategy to lure the attention of potential customers. You can also encourage the existing clientele to share their experience on social media. You can also share pictures of your work or even ask happy customers to upload a photo tagging your salon.

Remember that you have to maintain consistency while posting on social media platforms. Consistency is essential to send a clear message to the audience.  

5. Set up a Google My Business account

Why Google My Business Account? Google My Business account helps to improve your salon’s visibility locally. For instance, when a potential customer searches for your brand’s name online, the Google My Business account would be the primary point of contact. That is why setting up a Google My Business account is essential.

Remember that you have to enter accurate details in the relevant fields as you enter the information. As a result, potential customers can reach your salon quickly. You also give the links to your website and social media profiles.

6. Social media posts should include hashtags

You may wonder why hashtags. You can include hashtags when you publish content on social media platforms, for instance, Facebook or Instagram. Including hashtags assists potential customers in finding your work on social media platforms effortlessly. If you cannot think of any hashtags, you can use generic or specific terms that denote your style.

7. Your work speaks for itself

When people get a tattoo, they are most likely to show off their tattoos. As a result, your unique tattoo designs speak volumes about your work. You can see it as an opportunity to promote your tattoo salon as your customers promote it to potential customers. So let your work speak for itself.

8. Use traditional marketing techniques

You may be under the impression that traditional marketing techniques may not be effective. Quite the contrary, conventional marketing techniques are still effective. You can consider investing in print media. You can also consider giving your salon a vintage appearance. To engage more with the community, you can organize fundraising events for charity. By doing so, your salon will receive instant popularity in the community as words travel faster than fire.

9. Give quality services to your customers

As mentioned earlier, your work speaks for itself. Your clients show off the tattoos you have created. Giving your customers quality services makes them more inclined to showcase your work and refer their peers to your salon.

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