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Let me start by asking a very simple question to all the parents out there. Tell me about the incident that comes into your mind when ask about a tough parenting spot. When you had to make a tough decision that involved some personal commitments with yourself as well as your kids. What did you choose? Or if you have not faced such a situation yet then what will be your choice if that kind of situation occurs in your life. My personal experience was rather bitter. I had to forget about commitments that I had made with myself when I became a parent. For example, I always thought that my parents were strict with us siblings and did not give us enough personal space. So I had always thought that I will be a cool parent who will always respect the kid’s boundaries. But later on, when the time came I had to let all the boundaries go. My kid was hiding things from me and I had to get a Phone Spy  App to keep a check on the kids. When other parents discussed the use of spy apps as I always thought of it as an aggressive activity. But later on, I have learned the lesson a hard way. I  chose the TheOneSpy Phone Spy  App and since then my thinking has been evolved.

Screen Monitoring is Mandatory

Screens are part of everyday life. Not only that they are the gateway to a new world. Assuring the safety of the kids in that new world as well as the real world is the duty of parents. For that TheOneSpy spy phone gives a screen monitoring feature. You can directly visit the screen of the teen at any given time. So you will know how much time on average your kid is spending on the screens and in what kind of activity.

Safety First

The GPS location tracking feature allows the parents to monitor the real-time location of the kid accurately. You can not only monitor their whereabouts but can also save the seven-day history of the movements.

Virtual Mapping Is The New Go

Parents can make a virtual safe and restricted zone on Google Maps. You can restrict your kid’s wherebouts and can get notifications about their movement with timestamp information.

Facebook Alerts are Annoying

Facebook is a dangerous place and kids normally try to hide things that are happening there. To overcome this you can simply get into the newsfeed activity of Facebook with the Facebook spy app. Know about the messenger activities as well.

Save Disappearing Snapchat Content

Snapchat is popular among teenagers as it offers the best privacy. The disappearing content can be saved along with the time-stamped information with the help of the Snapchat spy app.

Be aware of all Sorts of Apps:

Every smart gadget offers all sorts of apps and software. Anyone who has access to the smart gadget can download any kind of app. So with the help of spy phones, parents can not only monitor the installation of apps but can even block all the useless apps as well.

Listen to them When They Think They Are Alone

Mic bug feature is all about spying on the kids and listening to them when they think they are alone. The app lets the parents know about all the surrounding sounds and voices of the target person. You can know what kind of topic they usually discuss with the company, if a stranger is trying to talk to them or if anyone is talking about them. All this and much more can be remotely listened to with the help of a Phone Spy  App.

Watch Them 24/7

The camera bug feature gives remote access to the front and rear camera of the target teen. That means you can capture the kid and the surrounding when they are on their own and can know about the surroundings.

Making amendments is the need of an hour as far as parenting is concerned. Parenting is all about learning new stuff every day and I have learned this new lesson. Simply choose the operating system you want i.e Mac , Windows or Android  and follow easy steps for installation.

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