Fun Places In Jaipur

Jaipur, being the treasure of Rajasthani culture and wealth, serves as an amazing place to explore and have fun at. The capital city is the center stage for the people who want to dig into the cultural gems of hundreds of years old establishments.

The forts, palaces, step wells, religious places, and museums are full of historical stories of the rajas and maharajas and their royal era. Apart from that the city has developed and transformed it into various fun places Like Clubs And Popular cafes In Jaipur to visit and explore which can be ideal for any age group and is meant for spending quality time with friends and family!

Let’s find out the most interesting places in Jaipur.

Get nostalgic feels in Chokhi Dhani

The exotic resort is filled with the essence of Rajasthani culture in a modern way. It is also famously known as ‘MINI RAJASTHAN”. It catches the attention of tourists with the amazing and fun games and activities offered to the people such as archery, pottery making, balloon splashes, darts, and whatnot.

There are various puppet shows, massages, folk dances, elephant rides, camel rides, photoshoots, snake shows, etc. 

The best part is the amazing food served here. There is a big royal Rajasthani thali served with a variety of dishes loaded on your plate.

A peaceful outing at Sambhar Lake

Sambhar lake situated on NH8 is called the biggest saltwater lake in Jaipur. The scenic view is so pleasant on the eyes. The stunning views and photographic edge. One of the favorite destinations for pre-wedding shoots as the bright sunset and colors emerging gives an amazing view to the picture.

Kids can learn about the making of salt on the banks of the lake. The birds sailing there enhance nature’s beauty. birds like flamingos, pelicans, and storks are a dream to watch.

Get water splashes at Pink pearl fun city

Pink pearl fun city is one of the largest and oldest amusement parks situated on the outskirts of Jaipur is filled with never-ending water-based rides and activities designed for every age group to enjoy.

 Some most loved activities include water slides, a wave pool, rock climbing,go-karting, and aqua disco.

The fee charged is 400/- for adults and 300/- for kids. This place is best for family outings, weddings and picnics.

Day full of excitement at Appu Ghar

The go-to vacation place for every family outing, Appu Ghar is counted in the top fun sites of Jaipur city and is loved among the kids a lot.

The amusement park is full of rides ideal for kids and adults.

The adventure park provides plenty of indoor and outdoor activities which will make your day worthwhile without getting bored for a minute.

The park offers resorts and stays for the family and the amazing food available is the major add-on.

The list does not stop here, multiplexes, a bowling alley, and even helicopter rides are there to serve the adventure activities.

Do some adventure at Dera Camp

If your idea of fun and outing starts and ends with adventure, then this place is surely for your weekend getaways!

The campsite is located in the Ukash area of Jaipur near the Amer fort which is surely the best fun place to visit in Jaipur.

The raw and wild experience is a must to experience the site offers. Various activities such as camel safari elephant safari horse riding. Forest treks, and interacting with local tribes to learn about their ways of living and performing daily life activities in an ancient and rugged style.

The amazing part of the location is that you can actually learn. How mahouts interact with elephants and take care of them.

Other fun-to-watch programs are bonfires, barbecued food, and folk dances. the fee charged is approx 4500/- per person.

Spend an amusing day at the Jaipur wax museum

It is said to be the first wax statue in the world. Jaipur wax museum provides a real-time experience to go through the statues of famous personalities. And famous celebrities are made of wax and silicon. Everything looks so realistic including posture, expressions, and the background. 

All that impresses the visitors and tourists leaving them struck at the statues.

The royal essence and taste are provided to the visitors by dressing up in royal clothing. And costume at the place called “the one minute maharaja”.

It’s a special service provided by the corporation as well as the gift shops available inside the arena.

It is situated near Jal mahal with a minimum amount of 350/-.

Jantar Mantar to learn and have fun

One of UNESCO’s world heritage sites Jantar Mantar is the largest sundial present on earth called the Samrat Yantra. 

It’s one of the greatest inventions of all time used in the ancient era on various instruments. That was helpful for astronomers to predict eclipses and the onsets of monsoons.

One of the significant usages was the calculation of time from the movement of the sun. And the stars were accordingly done by the locations of the stars in the sky.

Suppose you want to know about these geographical aspects of ancient times. In that case, this place can provide you with knowledgeable insight. Situated in the Kanwar Nagar of the Jaipur city charges 50/- per person.

Every generation and age group is fond of the vibe this city has.

The unforgettable tourist attractions, and mouth-watering food. And cultural authenticity fill the air of the city. The exotic locations provide the best experiences to hang out with friends. And family. if you haven’t visited the pink city yet. You are missing the pretty streets to roam around, which emerged with beautiful markets. Also Providing eye-catchy art Crafts Jewelry And unforgettable memories to take back

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