Organizing a conference is not that easy. There’s more to it than you think.

It’s honor just organizing a conference, but having an effective conference meeting that people really enjoy and would want to participate the next time you plan another one.

To help you organize a conference, we offer you a structured overview of the most important things to look out for.

Plan ahead strategically

Good preparation is crucial for a successful conference. That’s why you should start on time, and by that we mean months in advance, chaktty advised.

Think carefully about the goal, audience and nature of the conference.

  • Why are you organizing this congress?
  • Who would you like to invite? What kind of conference is it?

A well-founded answer to these questions will help you with the further planning of the conference.

Dear money

The actual costs of a congress can significantly exceed the planned costs, according to businesspally.

That’s why it’s important to keep a budget in mind from the start.

Calculate the fixed costs and the variable costs.

Request and compare offers from different suppliers.

Can you contact sponsors? All of these things take time, so the same applies here:

Start budgeting early. Also, expect that even the most accurate financial planning calculation will not necessarily add up, and allow for 10% to 15% unforeseen expenses.

This way you avoid a financial hangover.

Where and when?

Choose the date for the conference with an eye on holidays, exhibition times and other events.

Of course, the availability of the location also plays a role. The determination of the date and place of the congress therefore go hand in hand.

Visit and personally inspect the site to determine if it meets the requirements.

Is it suitable for the number of invitees?

Is he easily accessible ? Think of the accessibility by car, parking, public transport.

Is it suitable for the type of space arrangement you have in mind? Auditorium, Banquet, Cabaret, Cocktail, U Shape etc.

Think of the eventual decoration of the place. Maybe you need to rent flowers, furniture or art to decorate the rooms?

Also, don’t lose sight of the technical facilities. If necessary, provide a microphone and/or speakers, a beamer and/or projection screen.

Test the material before the start of the congress so that no unexpected problems arise.


Catering is an important prerequisite for a good atmosphere at your conference, which is why you should not neglect this aspect.

Sometimes you can leave the organization of the catering to those responsible for the location, but you can also be responsible for this organization.

Be sure to consider these aspects as well:

Would you like a specific meal? For example on a specific topic.

How many people does the caterer need to plan and how many meals does he need to serve?

Are there specific preferences he should consider? We mainly think of vegetarian or vegan alternatives or restrictions due to religion, food intolerance and allergies.

Create a script for the program

Create a script and test the feasibility of the concept with those involved.

Hand this script out to everyone involved so everyone knows what to do before, during, and after the conference.

Want to learn more about creating a screenplay?

Marketing: Spread the word

Invite all guests and contact those who have not yet confirmed at a later date.

Send all participants the program of the conference in advance and inform the press.

Use as much social media as possible. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are powerful marketing tools, Techpally business.

After the conference, send all participants a thank you note and a feedback form.

This feedback is certainly helpful for the organization of a possible next congress

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