Decorating Homes

Everyone wants to pursue a dream career that can produce both money and fun. Interior designing is an appealing profession if you love decorating homes.

It is a platform to showcase your skills and cater to the varying needs of your guests. A good interior designer doesn’t mean just moving the furniture or hanging a pretty painting. Interior designers have a lot of responsibilities; from dealing with cabinet spacing to avoiding budget disturbing items to giving a demo to the architectural review board.

A good interior will spice up the atmosphere of your home and can dramatically surge the property value. So interior designing is an in-demand career and worth your deliberation.


What Do You Need To Become A Good Interior Designer?

But how can a person start from scratch? What are the essentials of becoming an interior designer? How to excel in this career? Let’s solve this mystery;

·        Education And Degrees

 You don’t need a degree to work as an interior designer but it will certainly welcome customers to hire you. Your enthusiasm won’t be enough; this career requires an understanding of virtual design, room sketching, color psychology, and the list goes on. 

There are plenty of things you can only get with proper education. One important thing you must bear in mind while providing your services is the safety of your customers. 

Don’t make any changes that can turn out to be risky for your customers. Also, suggest they should renew their gas safety certificate CP12 to ensure their homes are free from any safety hazards.

Your education will prove that you are a certified home designer who can alone carry out services for your clients. So education is a seamlessly perfect start for your interior designing career.

·        Create Your Portfolio:

Interior designing is a diverse field, your customer may want to know what type of services you can offer. So make a portfolio showcasing your talent and experience.

Add the pictures of your previous work to make it more presentable. You can request your clients if you don’t already have these pictures.

Add them to your website as well so can people can reach out to you after visiting your website. Add some distinctiveness to your work so people can prefer you from a plethora of options.

·        Meet Local Suppliers:

It is important to know your local suppliers, such as manufacturers of flooring, furniture, fabric, tiles, ceiling, etc. Moreover, meet with contractors who can do painting, electrical, brickwork, plumbing, etc. for you.

By doing this, you can carry out your work easily and promptly. If possible, reach out to experienced decorators as well. Although the competition is great, there will certainly be some experts who will be more than happy to share their experiences with you.

With years of experience, they will give you a valuable piece of advice that can help you smoothly progress in your career.

·        Stay Updated with the Latest Trends:

Interior designing is not a theory you can learn at once; it is an ever-evolving science. If you want to keep your feet fastened in this field, keep yourself up-to-date with the prevailing trends in your area.

Color trends, furniture trends, and themes; there are plenty of options to follow the trends and please your customers. Read magazines and attend market shows to get an idea of the latest trends.

·        Marketing and Advertising:

Growing a clientele demands effective marketing and advertisement. Thanks to social media, getting a customer base is not a bank-breaking step now.

Of course, in the infant stage of your career, you can afford hefty advertisement expenses, so social media campaign is a way out. Make a social media page and run a campaign that can boost your visibility in the market.

If you have a website, then search engine optimization might do the trick. Know what other tools are used in your area as an effective marketing strategy.

Ask Yourself:

Home designing is fun and if you opt for it as a profession, you can make money as well. If you have some design sense and you are wondering if you can pursue it as a career or not! Yes, you can be a good designer. 

Ask a few questions from yourself in the first place;

  • When you walk into a new place, you assess the place and think of any improvement that can make it look better?
  • Do you frequently decorate your home and enjoy it?
  • Are you inclined to colors and have commendable color memory?

This will help you gauge your interest and motivation in a home designing career and whether you should pursue it or not. 


If you want to be a home designing pro, you have to work on yourself. Start with the required education and skills, then grow your clientele and attract customers with the best marketing tools.

Success becomes a fantasy if you don’t struggle to achieve it. A dream career is just the right decision away. So get a handle on interior designing and be ready to roll.

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