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Gower Peninsula, especially Swansea is also known for being the city of famous Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas. In Uplands, Swansea, South Wales, Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on 27 October 1914 to David John (‘DJ’) Thomas, a Senior English master at the Swansea Grammar School, and Florence Hannah Thomas, a seamstress. The second of two children, he was the younger brother of Nancy Marles Thomas, who was nine years older than him.

He was one of the most prominent Anglo-Welsh poets at the time when he was 21 years old. His work includes ‘Under Milk Wood’ a play for voices, ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night’ poem, and ‘A Child’s Christmas In Wales’ stories. People of all ages have been inspired by Dylan, from presidents to pop stars. Despite his untimely passing, he remains a global icon. Dylan’s memory can be found in several places in the city. Swansea was his home for more than half his life. Join us on a journey through Thomas’ past.

5 Cwmdonkin Drive- His Home

The lovely Georgian house in the uplands of Swansea was not only Dylan’s childhood home, it was also where he was born. The house had been bought earlier in 1914 by his father David and mother Florence. It was here that Dylan wrote half of all the poems he ever published, and the home remained his home until 1937. Although its old occupant was internationally famous, the house fell into disrepair and bad condition. In 2003, Geoff Haden, another Uplands native, took an initiative to make it better.

The beautiful home has been restored and furnished exactly as it was when Dylan lived in it as a child. This historic site is not only open for tours, but also for lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and literary events – and even for overnight stays.

Cwmdonkin Park

This beautiful, rolling park was Dylan’s playground throughout his childhood. By scrambling over a wall, he was able to get into the building faster than by walking to the main gate. A beautiful poem, ‘The Hunchback in the Park’, and a radio broadcast, Reminiscences of Childhood, mention Cwmdonkin Park.

St Helen’s Ground

During the Second World War, Dylan’s old school, Swansea Grammar, was badly damaged during a bombardment in February 1941. The site where Dylan won his school sports day race when he was 14 had a special place in Dylan’s life. Upon his death in New York in 1953, a police officer found an old newspaper clipping about the victory inside his wallet, confirming its importance to him throughout his life.

The Uplands Tavern

Dylan’s first pint of beer was here. When Dylan was there, it was called The Uplands Hotel, now it is called The Uplands Tavern. It is a popular pub, hosting several quizzes every weekend, and offering live music.

For lovers of history, for those interested in Dylan’s poems and for those interested in learning more about his life, it is a must-visit city.

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