Is your Brother printer connected to WiFi but not printing? Are your Brother printers printing blank pages for both Windows and Mac? Is your Brother printer printing white text and black pages? You will encounter common errors such as printing black pages on your Brother printer. 

This article will help you solve this problem. We’ll discuss various Brother printer printing problems, as well as the causes and the best solutions. 

Why won’t my Brother printer print? 

This blog will examine possible causes of Brother printer not printing. 

1. You may have a question about why your Brother printer isn’t printing, even though it has a wireless network. The WiFi may be working but the IP address of your Brother printer could be an issue. 

2. Many people complain about their Brother printer not printing or printing blank pages. Brother printers that are not printing correctly could be due to an issue with their ink cartridge. Also visit Printer repair service in dubai. Another reason why your Brother printer is not printing correctly could be a driver problem. 

3. Brother printers often print black text. Brother printers often print pages with black text. This is because the driver for printers has been updated. This problem can be solved by reinstalling the driver. 

4. This printer is reliable, but people often ask why it doesn’t print black. This could be due to a black cartridge in the printer. 

5. A Brother printer error that causes color problems is another. The Brother printer won’t print in color because the ink cartridge isn’t installed correctly or blocked. 

6. A Brother printer error that can’t print 32 could also be a problem. This could happen if a label is attached to the drum unit. Brother printers may not be able to print 35. 

TOP Solutions to a Brother Printer Not Printing Error

We hope you now have a better understanding of why your Brother printer won’t print. Continue reading to learn the eight possible solutions to fixing your Brother printer’s printing problem and get your printer printing again. 

Solution 1 

Brother Printer connected to Wifi, but not printing 

Is your Brother printer having trouble printing from wifi? The connectivity problem can cause your Brother printer to stop printing. Let’s see how to fix this Brother printer problem that won’t print. We will first look at solutions for Windows, then we’ll move onto Mac. 

Solution 1.1 

Brother Printer connected to Wifi, but not printing on Windows 

The following steps will help you to solve the problem: 

1. Click “Start”, click on “Settings”, and then click “Printers” (or “Printers and Other Hardware”). 

2. To check if your Brother printer was selected as the primary printer, click here Click the right button on your device to select “Set as default Printer” if you cannot find any checkmarks. 

3. Next, confirm the status of your printer and make sure that there is no queue. Right-click on the icon for Brother printer to open the “Use printer online” option. You can also set the printer’s driver to be available. 

4. You can uncheck the “Pause Printing” checkbox if you notice that your printing status is paused. If you need to print the document, you can choose “Resume Printing”. 

5. Print out a test. You can continue to the next stage if the print fails. 

6. To open “Properties”, right-click the driver icon. 

7. Next, click on the “Ports” tab. 

8. You will see a list of accessible ports. Select “Add port” or “Add port”. 

9. Click “New port”, then select “Standard IP port” 

10. The “Standard IP/TCP printer port” will be displayed. To continue, click “Next”.

11. Close the application by entering the Brother printer’s IP address in the box that is available for printer names or IP addresses. Any other issue related to printer visit printer repair dubai

It is likely that the Brother printer will stop printing at this time. 

Solution 1.2 

Brother Printer Connected To Wifi, but Not Printing on Mac 

If your Brother printer cannot create prints on Mac, even when connected via Wi-Fi connection, this is the step-by-step process you can use. 

1. You must ensure that your device is ready to go, and that the wireless connection works properly. The display must not display any error messages. 

2. Set your Brother printer as the default printer. Click on the “Apple Menu”, then click on “System Preferences”. Press “Print & Fax” after that. Click “Print & Scan” if you are unable to find this option. 

3. Select your device from the menu that appears for default printers and choose your printer to be your default. 

4. Click the icon to check the status of your printer. Next, choose “Open Print Queue”/”Resume Printing”. Choose”Resume” “Resume”/”Resume Printing”. 

5. Select all print jobs manually and click the delete button to erase them all. You can then print to verify that the printer is working. Step 6 if it’s not, you can print again. 

6. Verify that your Brother printer is connected to a wireless network. 

7. You can also check your IP address. Both your IP addresses must match with unique endings. This can be verified by going to “Apple Menu”, clicking “Apple Menu”, and then pressing “System Preferences”. 

8. Next, click on “Network” to move on to “Advanced”. 

9. Select “TCP/IP”, then “IPv4 Address” & “Subnet Mask”. Subnet Mask: Subnet Mask should read “”. 

10. To find the IP address of your printer’s network configuration report, print the “Network Configuration” document. It should be compared with the IP address on your Mac. You should have different numbers at the end. They should be between 2 and 254. 

11. Test print. If printing does not happen, we suggest you reset the network settings to factory default.

Solution 2 

Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages 

In the previous article , we discussed why Brother printers print blank sheets. This happens when you click on the option to print, but get blank pages. This issue is visible on both Mac and Windows. We have solutions for each. 

Solution 2.1 

Brother Printer Prints Blank Pages on Windows 

1. First, check the ink level on your Brother printer. Turn on the device and press the “Menu”, or the “Menu” button. 

2. Select the “Ink management” option and click “Ok”. 

3. Next, tap on the “Ink Volume” option and hit “OK”. 

4. Next, you will need to check the ink level on the device before hitting “Exit” or “Exit”. If the “Exit” button isn’t visible on your device, you can click the “Stop” button. 

If the ink level in your Brother printer runs low, you’ll need to replace it with a new cartridge. It is possible that the cartridge was not correctly installed if the ink levels are good and the cartridge is still in good condition. If this is the case, move on to the next step. 

5. Make sure that you place the cartridge ink correctly. Open the cover and pull the block down until it reaches the block level. Then, pull out the ink cartridge. Then, place it correctly and put the cap back on. 

6. Take a test print. You can continue to the next step if the output is not completely blank. 

7. Select “Start” then select “Control Panel”. Right-click on “Devices & Printers” to open “Printer Properties” or “Printer properties”. 

8. Select the advanced option and then choose the key to print. 

9. Select “WIN PRINT”, then click “WIN PRINT”, and tick “RAW”. You can then press “OK”. 10. Uncheck the box “Keep printed document” This will resolve the problem with your Brother printer printing a blank page. If the problem persists, you can try reinstalling your printer.

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