have you ever experienced the discomfort associated with sore eyes? painful eyes include having sore eyes and itching. many things can cause this situation. others include side effects of medications and allergies. painful eyes are associated with dry eye disease. below we discuss everything you need to know about sore eyes.

what causes sore eyes?

Certain causes of eye pain are seasonal such as allergies. some causes are more serious, and require medical attention. below are some of the causes of eye pain;

medicine- certain medicines have side effects that include irritating eyes. Examples of these drugs include diuretics and antidepressants.

allergies- air pollutants such as dirt can lead to allergies. other symptoms include watery eyes.

diseases- many diseases cause sore eyes. conjunctivitis and colds also lead to painful eye.

bright screens- this light is not limited to your PC, but all electronic gadgets. your eyes will try to stay safe from excessive light.

trauma- trauma can cause eye pain in many ways. you can injure the eyes with the effect of excessive communication.

signs and symptoms

sore eyes have many visible symptoms. for example chronic discomfort or eye pain. eyes may appear bright red. your eyes may also emit radiation that makes your eyelashes stick. this affects other body parts, and you may have a runny nose.

How long do these symptoms last?

eyes remain, depending on what caused it. The treatment options used also determine the healing time. the condition may go up in two weeks if you follow the appropriate safety measures. if the cause was minor, you would feel better after two days.

how to treat sore eyes? 

Many people wonder how they can cure the condition quickly. you can use the following remedies to treat it;

cucumber slices:

Cucumber slices have strong anti-inflammatory properties that relieve eye strain. you need two slices of dipped cucumber and place them on top.

cold compress : 

you can pour cold water on your eyes and cover them with a packet of ice. you can also get this effect using a spoon by putting it in the fridge.

rose water :

Rosewater is an excellent eye cooling agent. it is best to soak cotton in water and place it over closed eyelids for about 20 minutes. repeat this action three times a day.

calamansi juice :

it is recommended to use three drops of calamansi mixed with water to cleanse it. you should then put it in your eyes and roll the ball over. this juice contains acid that removes disease.

Castor oil :

castor oil is available in a wide variety of eye drop. these oils contain antibodies that prevent infections. use this oil at least three times a day for full results.

baking soda : 

baking soda removes harmful agents from the eyes. it will help to put a spoon in the water and place it over the eyes. this will make you feel comfortable.

painful eyes are common and occur in almost everyone. you can avoid it by washing your hands, among others. Our team is well aware of this condition, and will help you treat it. our services are affordable and durable.

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