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In a busy lifestyle we don’t get proper time to eat and take rest. Here are some few healthy  tips to cover the basics of healthy eating and make your body healthier always. The most important part is that if you want to become healthy then you should eat the right amount of calories. Here we are going to tell you some healthy tips.


As we all know that breakfast is very important and it is also a base of your meals on high fiber, starch and carbohydrates. Just include bread, eggs , milk, cornflakes,  bananas, cereals to make your breakfast healthy.


Try to eat more fruits and green vegetables. At Least eat 5 percent of veggies and fruits every day. If you don’t have time to eat, just make a juice and carry that juice where you want to carry it.


Nonveg is very good for health and it has a lot of protein and also contains many vitamins and minerals. Just add fish, chicken and eggs to your lunch or dinner.

Secret of fitness

Alifestyle makes your personality attractive and immunity strong. It’s a bit hard to find the time and energy to do exercise regularly. Prepare a healthy meal regularly but this healthy kaise rahe thing helps you to look fit always for the rest of your life.


If you really want to become healthy then you should do regular exercise and yoga. Exercise makes your body fit and toned. On the other hand, yoga calms the mind and provides positive energy to the body.


Living a busy lifestyle should mean your brain is continuously working, so you can try to eat good protein food. Fish is very important to make the body healthy and helps to get good skin. Fishes have a great protein source with omega three fatty acids which help to boost brain function.

Proper sleep

Always sleep at the proper time. It’s very good to make the brain, body as well as eyesight good. A sleep aid device helps to get a much better night sleep and also helps to. fall asleep faster.

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