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Vacation with sea view and sunset is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Pet friendly self catering cottage wales. I was always taught to explore amazing places accessible or out of the country. So I have a pet. I don’t want to leave him alone just because of him. I cancelled my vacation but Wales cottage is a pet friendly cottage with sea views and it is the most amazing cottage where they can allow a pet so I took my pet with me. Last year I went to this fabulous place with my pet for a four days holiday trip. It is not that easy to manage pet language all the time but finally I found a lavishing dog friendly self catering cottage in Wales. It is a beautiful place where you can relax and enjoy a marvellous seaside sunset view with a cool and fresh breeze. This is the place where I can spend my whole life and this is one of my favourite destinations. The close view of this place is wonderful. Even though I am a shopping lover, I visit markets over there. I had a great time and enjoyed eating delicious cakes, cookies and a lot of chocolates. I went with my pet to a very few places by the seaside and there he enjoyed it. It was really an unforgettable moment for both of us. I smiled and thought about how it is possible to get all the facilities in lavishing things in one place. When I explored a Wales cottage. I saw more facilities available in the cottage like wi-fi connection, fully comfortable bed and good style of furniture, water in the bathroom,

kitchen with all important requirements. The self catering cottage  wales has tile rooms for dogs and it is a very friendly place. I visit here by flight and I easily get local transport for my cottage. I rented a can for me and my pet but next time I’ll definitely try to book luxury holiday cottages with EV charging.

When I came back from the Wales cottage, I shared my whole experience with all of them and I showed my trip pictures to my friends. They also got surprised and told me why I didn’t take them for this trip. Next time I will come here with my loved ones to celebrate my birthday. The best part of this cottage is that there is a parking lot where you can park your car safely. So what is your next plan? To celebrate valentine day? Wales cottage? If yes then you should go for Wales cottage where you will positively get amazing services and many more options to choose at affordable prices. I must say there is no place like Wales cottage. I really enjoyed it a lot and I came back with beautiful memories which are monumental.

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