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Marriage is a significant aspect of everyone’s life. Most of the people remain curious to know about their married life even before the marriage takes place. And then there are married couples who wish to know about the future prospects of their married life. Probably the recurring misunderstanding and lack of adjustment cause them to ask so. But whatever the reason, the astrologers are always flooded with the question – How will be my married life?

Marriage astrology definitely helps in knowing about the married life of a person. A glance at the birth chart may indicate about the possible threats as well as bliss in a marriage. There are few houses and planets in birth chart that tell the tale of someone’s married life. Let’s explore

Whether I will have a happy or troublesome marriage?

This is a good question to ask when one wishes to marry. And the good part would be if the person asks this question before his/her marriage. Then there are fair possibilities of overcoming troubles if any present in the kundli. There are many things like the yoga in your janam kundli, matching horoscope, right timing of marriage and regular remedies of the doshas present in the chart etc. An astrologer makes use of these measures to ensure a happy married life for a person.

Now, there is nothing to worry even if you are married already and facing problems in married life. In that case, a mature approach is required along with an astrological consultation. The consultation will help to know about the possible causes of disharmony in marriage and your matured approach will help to follow them logically while performing karma modifications as suggested by the best astrologer. It is important to understand that the planets bring divine help as per your karma and outlook in life. Correct actions as guided through correct astrological consultation may help to save the shattering relations.  

A sure shot indication of a happy marriage  

In Astrology, Jupiter and Venus are considered the karaka of marriage. If in the kundli both of these are strong and well placed like in Kendra and houses, then the person gets good results in marriage. Venus and Jupiter in good position help in maintaining harmony and understanding in relation no matter what. In this case, even if other malefic planets are causing problems but with the grace of these two, the relation survives with decent understanding between the partners. Their position has to be checked in both D-1 and D-9 chart.

The seventh house is the house of marriage and if its Lord is well placed and the house is occupied by benefic planets then there remain harmony in marriage. Jupiter if laced in the first house blesses the married life and the couple enjoys marital bliss in almost all the cases. The position of the ascendant and 7th Lord should be checked in the navamsha or D-9 chart as well.

Well placed Jupiter and Venus are the biggest blessing for a happy married life.

Which Dosha causes marital problems?

As far as dosha are concerned we often hear some of the common names like kaal sarp dosha, Rahu dosha, Manglik dosha, Angaarak dosha and other doshas caused by Saturn. But here, it is important to know that not just these malefic but even benefic planets like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Moon can cause a dosha to give problems in a marriage.

It is said that the aspect of Jupiter is always considered good but if it is seated in the 7th house then it may cause problems in a marriage. Similarly, Venus may give possibility of excessive sexual indulgence as well as extra marital affairs. Mercury may indicate impotency and instability in relations while Moon can cause indecisiveness and wavering attitude towards a marriage. However, one should not conclude these results merely by looking at the position of these planets in the 7th house. There are several other factors like the weakness and affliction of the planets as well which should be taken notice of.

So, there is not any specified dosha which may create problem in marriage because there are cancelling measures available too. The manglik dosha in one’s chart can successfully be cancelled by the placement of planets in the partner’s chart. the placement of the house lords and their association with the planets play the most dominant role in determining the status of  a married life. Thus, one should get his/her birth chart analyzed by a learned astrologer before jumping to any conclusion.  

Which planet is responsible for marriage problems?

Every planet in astrology has its natural significations and they give results as per these natural significations and lordship of the house. For e.g. Jupiter is the karaka of marriage and is considered good for maintain bliss in a marriage. But if the same Jupiter gets the status of the sixth or eighth lord like those in the case of Libra and Leo ascendants, you are not pretty much sure of its auspicious results. A careful analysis needs to be made to see the situation of a marriage under the light of all factors.

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Saturn causes delays and obstructions in the significations of the house it is placed in. Thus, if the malefic planets like Sun, Mars, Saturn and Rahu make connections with the seventh house or its lord, there may be much arrogance, pride, aggression and deceit in the relations. These attributes are obviously not considered good for a soft relation like marriage. But at the same time, a benefic association if made will turn the tables. Take an astrological guidance for understanding the real cause of problems in a marriage. 


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