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It was an amazing vacation of a large group accommodation in Swansea Gower with views of nature, fresh breeze, lovely sunset, all one in one package. Once I thought I was in an imaginary world. I had never seen this kind of beauty in my life. It was my first vacation in a self catering cottage where I spent my holiday. When I heard about this cottage and facilities from my friend then I decided to go there so I packed my shoes, slippers, clothes and everything. When I finally reached here I saw a marvellous cottage and it was surrounded by beautiful small plants. I entered the room where I saw well furnished furniture, a comfortable and a soft mattress. After a long drive I felt so hungry and tired. So first I freshen up myself and then I had a grilled sandwich and coffee. After having my breakfast, I went to sleep. I pampered myself by lying down on the comfortable mattress.

Fortune Services With Amazing Views.

After a good sleep, I woke up and saw that it’s raining outside so I couldn’t stop myself and I started playing with raindrops. The first time I saw 7 colours of rainbow in my life. I took out my camera and clicked pictures of the rainbow. When the rain stopped, I stepped outside and went to a local market. There I saw a lot of stuff so I bought gifts for my friend and family. It was during the pandemic so I didn’t prefer to eat outside. I came to the cottage and made lunch for myself. When I came into the kitchen I saw the facilities were available which I wanted so I started making chicken salad and vegetable soup for myself because I don’t like to eat heavy food. Even though I have a health concussion.

Relaxed Vacation in CroftAcre.

Next day I went to the beach to explore the fabulous view. I brought some fresh fruits, baby corn and juice with me. When daylight turns off, the beach becomes more beautiful, water turns into pearls and stars look like sparkling diamonds in the sky. At night I reached the cottage and cooked oats and made mixed fruit shake for myself then I went to selp. So overall it was a very relaxing cottage and I am very happy with this place. Even though I fully enjoyed the Gower Peninsula holiday cottages with the sea view. I was so attracted and seriously it was a wonderful and relaxed place. Even in a two day holiday it was not possible without CroftAcre. Next time I will definitely come with my friends here.

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