luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly known as LVT, is a type of resilient flooring that mimics the look and feel of natural materials such as wood or stone. Unlike traditional vinyl flooring, which comes in large sheets, LVT is available in individual tiles or planks, providing greater flexibility in design and installation.

LVT has a rich history, dating back to the early 20th century when it was first introduced as an affordable flooring option for residential and commercial spaces. Over the years, advancements in technology have led to significant improvements in the quality and performance of LVT, making it a preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike.

Types of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring

There are several types of LVT flooring available in the market, each offering unique features and benefits. These include:

Rigid Core LVT:

Known for its enhanced dimensional stability and resistance to water damage, rigid core LVT is ideal for areas with high moisture levels such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Flexible LVT:

Flexible LVT is easy to install and provides a comfortable underfoot feel, making it suitable for residential spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.


Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) LVT combines wood fibers and plastic polymers to create a durable and waterproof flooring option that is perfect for busy households.


Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) LVT features a dense core layer that offers superior indentation resistance and dimensional stability, making it suitable for commercial applications.

Installation Process of LVT Flooring

Installing LVT flooring is a straightforward process that can be done by DIY enthusiasts or professional installers. The key steps involved in the installation process include:

  1. Subfloor preparation: Ensure that the subfloor is clean, flat, and free from any debris or imperfections.
  2. Adhesive application: Apply a suitable adhesive to the subfloor using a trowel, ensuring even coverage.
  3. Plank installation: Lay the LVT planks or tiles in the desired pattern, starting from one corner of the room and working your way outwards. Use a rubber mallet to gently tap the planks into place and ensure a tight fit.

Maintenance and Care for LVT Flooring

One of the main advantages of LVT flooring is its low maintenance requirements. To keep your LVT flooring looking its best, follow these simple maintenance tips:

  • Regular cleaning routines: Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove dirt and debris. Use a damp mop and mild detergent to clean up any spills or stains.
  • Protection from scratches and dents: Place felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents. Avoid dragging heavy objects across the floor, as this can cause damage to the surface.
  • Repairing damaged tiles: In the event of a damaged tile, simply remove and replace it with a new one using adhesive.

Durability and Longevity of LVT Flooring

LVT flooring is known for its durability and longevity, thanks to its robust construction and protective wear layer. The wear layer thickness, which typically ranges from 6 to 20 mils, determines the level of protection against scratches, stains, and fading.

Design and Style Options in LVT Flooring

One of the key advantages of LVT flooring is its versatility in design and style. Whether you prefer the classic look of hardwood or the modern appeal of stone, there is an LVT option to suit every taste and preference.

Environmental Impact of LVT Flooring

In recent years, there has been growing concern about the environmental impact of flooring materials. LVT flooring addresses these concerns by offering sustainable and eco-friendly options that are made from recycled materials and low VOC emissions.

Cost Comparison with Other Flooring Options

When it comes to cost, LVT flooring offers significant savings compared to traditional flooring materials like hardwood or ceramic tiles. In addition to being more affordable upfront, LVT flooring also requires less maintenance and replacement costs over time.

Popular Brands Offering LVT Flooring

There are several reputable brands that specialize in LVT flooring, including Shaw Floors, Armstrong Flooring, Mohawk Flooring, and Mannington Mills. These brands offer a wide range of design options and quality products to suit every budget and style preference.

Applications of LVT Flooring

LVT flooring is suitable for a variety of applications, including residential spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, as well as commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, and hospitality venues. Its durability and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas.

Tips for Choosing the Right LVT Flooring

When selecting LVT flooring for your space, consider factors such as room usage, style preferences, and budget constraints. Consulting with flooring experts can also help you make an informed decision and find the perfect LVT flooring solution for your needs.

Common Myths About LVT Flooring

Despite its many benefits, there are some common myths and misconceptions about LVT flooring. These include the belief that LVT is not durable, lacks aesthetic appeal, or is difficult to install. In reality, LVT flooring offers durability, versatility, and ease of installation, making it an excellent choice for any space.

Future Trends in LVT Flooring

Looking ahead, the future of LVT flooring is bright, with continued advancements in technology and design. Innovations such as digital printing and sustainable materials are expected to drive growth in the LVT market, offering consumers even more choices and possibilities.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials provide valuable insights into the real-world experiences of LVT flooring users. Positive reviews highlight the durability, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance of LVT flooring, while also addressing any challenges or concerns faced during installation.


Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring offers a winning combination of style, durability, and affordability, making it a popular choice for homeowners and designers alike. With its wide range of design options, easy installation process, and low maintenance requirements, LVT flooring is an excellent investment for any space.