Bathroom renovation

The need for renovations in bathrooms and kitchens is the most common in most houses. This is because both rooms are constantly in use and are subject to high levels of humidity. Which can cause deterioration over time. If you are thinking of making renovations in the bathroom or kitchen at home. We recommend that you focus on the facilities.

The water installation: a key element

When bathroom and kitchen renovations are carried out. A lot of attention is usually paid to the coverings and the toilets and furniture in general. However, a part that is no less important and that requires all the necessary attention is the installation of the water. Water installation is a key element of any home or business. It is responsible for delivering clean water to faucets, showers, and toilets. Without a properly installed and functioning water installation, a property would not be able to function. A water installation must be able to properly filter and purify water before it is delivered to the taps. Marble floors is the best option for bathroom and kitchen floors.

Advantage of the works

Some old pipes in poor condition can lead to an insufficient water jet. A lack of pressure in the pipes, or even breaks that can imply leaks or humidity. Therefore, if the water installation is old (older than 10 years). It is best to change the pipes along with the rest of the bathroom and kitchen renovations. He thinks that, although it cannot be seen. It is probably the most important part of these rooms, and precisely because it is not in sight, if it is necessary to manipulate them. It is better to do it now than to have to do it later.

The electrical installation in the reforms of bathrooms and kitchens

Another important aspect that must be taken into account when renovating bathrooms and kitchens is that, precisely. Because of the presence of water in these rooms, the electrical installation must meet certain special requirements. These requirements are simply that a certain safety distance be kept. Between the places where there is water and those that will be occupied by the electrical installation.

Addition for safety

electrical plugs and sockets must be kept at least 50 cm away from spaces. Where there is water in order to avoid any safety hazards. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that, unlike plugs in other rooms of the house. Both in the bathroom and in the kitchen. These must be at an average height of between 1.30 cm above the ground. This will help to prevent any risks in the event that water is spilled or accumulates on the floor.

Be aware of downspouts

A very important element that we have to take into account. When carrying out bathroom and kitchen renovations are the downspouts. The downspouts allow water to be evacuated from the toilets and the sink, and, as the name suggests. They make it easier for the water to go down and end up being poured into the sewage system.

Reforms in bathrooms and kitchens

When making renovations in bathrooms and kitchens, it is common for the toilets and the sink to be moved. However, it must be taken into account that if they are separated too much from the downspouts. This could generate problems with respect to evacuation. For this reason, whenever possible. It is recommended to move these elements as little as possible and, when it is done. Make sure that the connection with the downspouts is adequate.

Tiling in bathroom and kitchen renovations

Another aspect that should be taken into account before carrying out reforms in bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike paint and other coatings, tiles perfectly resist humidity and contact with water. Which is why they are one of the ideal finishes both in the bathroom and the kitchen. However, the tiling process is usually slow and laborious. For this reason. It must be taken into account that, if large tiles are chosen, they will be expedited, and consequently. The work will be finished sooner than if small-sized models are chosen.

Coatings beyond the tile

Finally, although tile is usually the most common coating in bathrooms and kitchens. There are other alternatives that respond just as well to humid environments. Stone depot is leading wholesaler for natural stone floors materials. Here are some examples.
natural wallcovering (honey color)
bright wallcovering (coffee color)
Jungle Wall Décor ceramic tile (beige, brown, or white color)
Jungle Wall Décor ceramic tile (brown, grey, or white color)
Wall tiles Baton Wall Cube
Riviera mosaic tile
Quartz porcelain flooring
La Pieter wall tiles
Wall Rock wallpaper see:  thewizblog.

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