These days children are not getting proper nutrition in their food because they mostly eat chocolates, pizza , burgers, fries, etc. This kind of food is not good for them. If they do not consume proper nutrients, they will become lazy and they won’t be able to work in any growth areas, neither play nor study. This unhealthy food destroys their digestive system and they gain weight which is not good for an early age. Here we are opening a gym especially for which will help them to be active and lose their weight at the same time.

Our activities for preschoolers make children more capable to do their work on own. Our gym offers programs for children aged between 4 months to 12 years, which includes parent/child classes pre-kindergarten and grade school gymnastics. Our gym is quite different from other regular gyms. We provide a good environment where children love to exercise. We have designed the gym machines according to children specially, like our machines are very colourful and we have drawn cartoons on the walls which they would love. We provide online classes also.

Children and parents classes

At parent and children classes, we check how familiar children are with their parents. Our parent-toddler Noida program is related to future parent and child bonding. This is the right way for babies growth and also help parents to actively participate in the activity for overall development and essential skills.

What we provide to children?

We provide gymnastics classes to children which is very good for their health. These classes make children active. It is very appropriate to neutralise from toddlers to teenagers. Our kids’ gym is in Indirapuram, where children can learn more activities. This gym is for those children who are not active in their life. These children gymnastics classes will make them healthy because our main motive is to make them strong. Healthy kids make their parents happy and satisfied. 

Our teaching services

In pre-schoolers we teach all subjects because both activity and education are very for children’s growth and development. We conduct tests once in a month to see how much children are learning. We teach children starting from age 3 to 8years, including studies we provide information, outdoor games for children etc. We always teach new things because teaching the different thing on a loop makes them smart. Our team members manage various things which you can get in one package. Our charges are very affordable. All our rooms and furniture are sanitised. Without handling fees you can keep your children with us. If you want our services you can contact us.

How do we manage and maintain infants and children’s health?

We have special team members who specifically look after and take care of infants because infants are very delicate and they quickly come in contact with infection. So we have a few people as a team who are always with infants to feed them milk and food from time to time and take special care of them. We keep children in a safe and healthy environment because safety is very important. Our team members are very jolly in nature and well mannered. They know well about how to protect toddlers and infants. They give them proper food and sleep because sleep too can make them healthy and help them to grow at a steady pace. Our experts know how to handle injuries and illness of infants and children too.

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