Gone are the days when we could restrict children to the four walls of the house and make them indulge in indoor games and studies only. In today’s fast moving world, we as parents must think of making them more competent by developing skills, giving an environment where they can learn and grow, making them physically active so their health is maintained and more. And where can you get all these facilities? The Day care – where little ones enjoy while learning in the company of their peers.

It’s important to understand that every kid has a unique set of interests and considering those as a strong point, if we allow them to try innovative things, they will learn faster. For example some of them are interested in mind games, but instead of that if we force them to solve math problems, they will grow at a very slow pace. Dancing, singing, reading, aerobics, art and craft, planting are some of the favourite hobbies of little ones, and we must give wings to their dreams so they fly high. 

Nowadays, mostly both parents are working. There arise a problem of a good parenting and ensuring strong pedigree to the children. Caretakers at home are one option, but do you think they take care of your kids the way you want? No, right? Hence its’ time to explore the Best Preshools in Gurugram those which offer day care facility as well, so that you are tension free. is one popular name that is really making a difference. With 20,000+ students base they are the champions of grooming children into most learned and happy beings.

No matter which daycare in Indirapuram that you pick, make sure that you are not compromising with safety, security and health.


First things first. Every parent is concerned about the safety of their little one. The pampering that you give at home, the same you expect from day care as well, and why not? You are paying for it. Sportyze promises safe and healthy environment for kids of all age groups. They have multiple protocols that prevent any harm to the little ones. They are nourished with utmost care and the entire team knows its responsibilities well.


With kids, there is a need to be extra careful as they can’t express. Moreover, they tend to move out outdoors if there is no proper surveillance, Sportyze understand all your needs, hence there is a strict security system that ensures your little stars are in the safest cocoon all day long. Parents have live CCTV access to monitor their children from anywhere. Moreover, the entry and exits have biometric fingerprint system that allows only the right set of people enter.


After Covid, everyone has become all the most cautious, as the kids catch infections very quickly. Therefore Sportyze adopts the best of hygiene measures including constant sanitization that makes your kids grow in a safe and healthy environment.

Care is synonymous to Best Preshools in Gurugram. And this needs qualified staff who can understand all the requirements of the toddlers. Sportyze is highly recommended.

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